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Tips to Create Mobile Friendly eLearning Courses

Though instructional designers initiate the content planning for mobile learning, it is the designers who think of the best design strategies to make an eLearning course much mobile friendly.

In this blog, let us look at some most relevant and important tips for designers for creating mobile-friendly eLearning:

Tip # 1. Go on with the motto – ‘Space is Precious’

The real challenge for designers in mobile learning is the ‘screen size’. Avoid unnecessary buttons, banners, notices, and all similar content to display on the ‘primary content’ screen. Keep the navigation controls, legal and copyright information away from the screen so that you can minimize the distractions for the learning content.

Tip # 2. Stick to your parameters to display text and graphics

Once you have finalized the screen sizes to go for, prepare relevant parameters for text and graphics to suit the screen sizes. Do not compromise on these parameters.

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