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Tips for IDs to Create Mobile Friendly eLearning Courses

Today, ‘Telephone’ and ‘Internet’ stand among the ‘all-time great inventions’ the world has ever seen. And, much to the delight of the innovative human brain, smartphones extended the applications of communication technology to such an extent that the ‘real-time’ world has come to fit in our palm. From trading to transactions and from shopping to learning, each activity of the technologically advanced modern world is at our fingertips now. In a nutshell, mobiles connect our world! Mobiles are ubiquitous! And, mobiles are our future!

In parallel, the journey of eLearning – from Flash to Rapid Authoring Tools to Mobile Learning – is progressive and consistent. Thanks to the responsive design technologies, eLearning, which started at desktop computers way back, has transcended successfully and is reigning over laptops, tabs, and smartphones. Today, the much delightful, common scene is of learners using smartphones to access any training course across the world – projecting Mobile Learning as the future learning scenario.

Executing M-Learning

Have you ever wondered how efficiently the aircrew manages the ‘little’ space they have on the flight? Mobile learning intuitively reminds me of that. They perform multiple tasks in that little space, with great planning and precision!

Developing Mobile Learning courses runs along the same lines of how general eLearning courses are developed, except that there is more focus on areas such as determining the devices, considering the screens, and choosing the right delivery modes. However, the team – especially the instructional designers – should change their strategies of presentation to suit the learning purposes to make Mobile learning much effective.

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