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How To Script Performance Based Learning Objectives?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Significance of learning objectives and tips for scripting performance based learning objectives

Starting your eLearning course without defining the learning goal is like setting out on a road trip without a destination. In eLearning content development there are lots of tasks involved, lots of tools to use, and lots of parameters that can impact the success of your eLearning course. One such parameter is defining scripting of performance based learning objectives for the course to explain the purpose, relevancy or need of the training.

What are Learning Objectives?

Learning objectives or the course objectives are the statements that describes what the learner will be able to achieve at the end of the learning process or the course. These objectives need to be very specific and measurable. A learning objective should clearly define the expected outcome of a course in terms of demonstrable skills or knowledge that will be acquired by the learner. Therefore, learning objectives are the backbone of a successful eLearning course.

Learning Objectives are the framework around which entire eLearning content is created and designed, also bring coherence and specificity to the training. Without learning objectives, learners just drift through the eLearning course without knowing the purpose of training. That’s why, learning objectives plays a very important role in overall eLearning experience.

In essence, learning objectives should be brief, simple, and concrete statements about what your learners will be able to do, as a result of the teaching, activities, and learning that has occurred at the end of a lesson. Learning objectives are also known as learning outcomes.

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