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How to Create Cost-effective Online Animated Videos

You can check this on your own! Take a simple topic – as simple as ‘fixing a leaking tap’.

Now, try to learn about it – i.e., gain knowledge about the concept – in the following ways:

• Read the related text

• View related images

• Listen to related audios…and finally,

• Watch a related animated video

Which activity of learning gave you a comprehensive idea about the topic? Undoubtedly, it is the animated video which makes your learning quick, accurate, engaging, retainable and long-lasting.

Animated videos have the exclusive ability to impart learning to auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic learners, at the same time. This is the power of animated videos in online training.

It is said that ‘a picture is worth 1000 words’. And, we are yet to find how many words in terms of an animated video.

Animated videos have made their mark in online training as they are engaging and interesting on one hand; and learning-efficient, 100% result-oriented and time-saving on the other.

Perhaps for these reasons, animated videos in eLearning services are so popular and much in demand, compared to any other online training elements – barring elearning gamification. If you want your employees enjoy the mandatory training programs, animated videos help a lot!

In the present fast-paced generation, majority of learners prefer to watch animated videos, compared to other modes of learning. Whether it is about training your employees instantly or helping them learn a new skill elaborately, animated videos are quite helpful.

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