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Free Anti-bribery and Corruption Course

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Swift Online Compliance Training Courses: Bribery and Corruption Training. Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption (Basic) provides foundational training on when gifts, You can preview the entire course for free on request.

What is Bribery Bribery is bribery with an improper object. It is not about paying for a service or a product. The goal is to corrupt the other person by offering him a benefit. This benefit could be anything from money to simply making sure a contract is done properly. It is illegal and unethical in most countries of the world. What is Corruption Corruption is a type of graft, which is defined as an improper use or abuse of power or authority to achieve an improper or unlawful end, by anyone. It is a sign of weak system of law and practices, or an inefficient administration. In most cases, corruption is done by people in power or authority in many ways.

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