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Custom eLearning Development: Printable Quiz Data in Storyline 2 with JavaScript

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Among all the eLearning authoring tools, I love the adaptability of Articulate Storyline 2 and its ability to relinquish the default options for a really customized quizzing in order to create a better eLearning experience. Be it custom eLearning development or rapid eLearning development, the blend of JavaScript in Storyline creates endless prospects to make best eLearning courses.

Case Study:

One fine day, a client approached us with a unique requirement – We were asked to implement the following:

  1. We were supposed to create a result slide that displays, all the questions answered by the learner and his/her answer to the question along with the correct answer

  2. Learner must be able to print all the questions along with the answers

  3. All the answers must be in a listview

  4. As the client’s LMS don’t support this functionality, he wanted us to implement it with the course created using Storyline 2

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