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Best eLearning Authoring Tools to Localize Online Courses

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Businesses, of any kind, thrive when the products and services offered are more customer-oriented. In pursuit of fulfilling customer needs, new ideas emerge in every business domain. For example, when we buy a mobile phone, we find an option to choose our regional language as the medium to operate the mobile phone. Millions of users who prefer to operate the phone using their mother tongue, would certainly choose the option

The concept of localization in eLearning is also a great idea of personalized learning. The idea of eLearning localization meets the learning needs of the target learners of a specific region. The non-English Internet users – who are around 80% of the world’s population – would love to be trained online through their mother tongue. eLearning translation and localization services would aim to fulfil this learning need. Localization, in fact, makes the course more understandable to the learner while maintaining the course culturally suitable to the learners.

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